Child custody

Child Custody

A Compassionate Approach to Child Custody Cases

The fight for child custody does not have to break familial bonds or cause unnecessary strife. Often times, both parties need the right representative to assist them in coming to an agreement that works for everyone, particularly the children. If necessary, any harm caused by the break-up of the parents will need to be healed to ensure that parents can focus on working with one another for the best interests of the children. It is important for your legal representative to focus on maintaining and promoting a working relationship between the parents. When approached with integrity, securing a suitable custody arrangement can help both parents and the children adjust to all of the changes they are facing.

Child custody cases can end in a number of ways, depending on each parent’s health, behavior, and other underlying factors. If one parent is deemed unable to provide adequate care, the other parent will receive a greater percentage of custody for the foreseeable future. However, in most situations, full awards are somewhat rare when both parents are fighting for custody.

In contested cases, the court system requires mediation to assist parents or guardians with developing a mutually acceptable schedule for shared custody. For example, one parent may have the children during the school year, while the other receives rights during time off from school, like holidays and summer breaks. If oneparents situation changes requiring a modification in custody, it is best when parents can work together to make such a change. However, if parents are unable to cooperate then the only alternative is to return to court to have the judge reevaluate the custody and make changes as necessary.

In order to achieve the desired arrangement, or make changes to the custody order, each case requires an intense attention to detail to identify the factors that will come into play. Legal representatives must carefully weigh those factors to appropriately advise their clients on their chances of success in court. Clients may use the provided information to pursue their desired child custody arrangement or adjust their own expectations as to the most likely outcome. Complicated child custody cases may require repeated court hearings and possibly a trial before the courts will rule.

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